Patient support systemDevelopment of patient support system

Functions that support long-term treatment can be customized for each dental clinic.

Providing support system
by smart phone app

We provide a support system to improve satisfaction while grasping the daily dental condition of patients.

Although long-term and regular hospital visits are essential for orthodontics, it may be difficult for some patients to maintain motivation.

Especially for patients, uncertainty regarding current progress and duration can be a major obstacle to continue treatment.

Along with the introduction of parts, we provide a support system smartphone app customized for each dental clinic.

Current status and period of hospital visits are visualized and enlightened for patients undergoing treatment. Patients can also check their goals and plans with the app.
We support patients to continue orthodontics on their own initiative.
The app also improves compliance by utilizing reminders for wearing aligners, retainers, etc., and prevents patients from dropping out from treatment by notifying hospital visit dates.

Moreover, by utilizing the community function and the questionnaire / notification function, we also support the facilitation of communication between the provided dental clinic and patients.

These systems can be customized in various ways, from external design to internal functions, according to the introductory dental clinic.
Please feel free to contact us as we can adapt to the tendency of the patients you’re dealing with.

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