Dental clinic consulting /
Development of in-hospital system

Developing in-hospital system based on latest theory and consulting services for management improvement of dental clinics

In Japanese medical care, effective use of medical information is a great challenge.
We also require a system that can closely interact with patients.

Our originally developed in-hospital system incorporates latest technology and various technical ideas based on the latest theory and provides high tech approaches that are not used in conventional electronic medical records.
This will let you record treatment history which you can follow up to the smallest details. It also has an ordering system and almost all operations can be completed on the system alone.

We are also confident in the motions of the system. You can notice the non-stressful operation feeling when input.

We also provide functions linked to the patient support system like automatic reservation.
The patient can concentrate on their treatment without dropping out.

These systems will be customized and provided in a form suitable for each client.

We also offer consulting services for improving management of dental clinics.We especially have vast experience in franchise and multi-clinic development, so please feel free to contact us.

Specifically, we have the following menu.

【Clinic opening support】
-Clinic opening area / property selection
-Deciding unified interior image
-Interior placing and customer flow optimization
-Select equipments

【Clinic management support】
-Patient consent form, contract formulation
-Handle customer complaints
-Human resources recruitment guidance
-Share know-how for expanding the number of clinics
-Hold jointly hosted technical study sessions

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