Indirect bonding trays

Since the resin core is manufactured based on the model created by computer graphics, we provide high-level indirect bonding cores with precision.

Providing indirect bonding (IDB) trays that can be easily mounted in the appropriate position with digital assistance

Improvements in digital orthodontic technology have significantly improved the precision of treatment using brackets and wires. It is said that the key to the success of orthodontics is the diagnosis of teachers and the formulation of treatment policies, and 80% of the remaining 20% (16% of the total) is the positioning of brackets.

This bracket positioning is said to be the most important factor that directly links to the actual movement of teeth. Until now, this process was often performed by direct bonding, and it depended on the skills of the dentist. As a result, it is easy to correct the position of the bracket during the treatment process, resulting in an increase in cost and time loss.

Our originally developed digitally-assisted indirect bonding (IDB) tray makes it easy to bond the positioning of the molars to the appropriate position which is often difficult to see in oral cavity. This makes it possible to shorten the patient's chair time, reduce the number of visits, and shorten the total treatment period.

Our IDB also supports a wide range of orders. Custom-made positioning by dentists is available, but we can also automatically set our own positioning based on the collaboration with orthodontic doctors and past data. In the latter case, it is possible to simplify the instructions to the conventional laboratories and reduce the number of interactions.

Since the IDB core material uses resin with extremely high operability, it is possible to avoid troubles during bracket bonding (risk of bracket detachment when removing the core) with appropriate hardness while maintaining precision.

Generally, the high cost of the fine materials is considered to be a disadvantage, but we offer lower price by cutting unnecessary work by improving technology and utilizing digital work.

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