Slow expanders

Our original slow expanders are integrated with the mouthpiece type aligners.
Since it is removable, it can be used hygienically, and enables the expansion of the dentition by parallel movement of adult teeth, which was difficult until now.

Slow expander integrated with a mouthpiece type aligner. Difficult dentition expansion by translation of adult teeth is now available.

We manufacture not only conventional slow dentition enlargement devices, but also slow expanders with complete original design.

General disadvantages of the slow expanders are as follows.

①Designed for long-term use
②Tipping on the buccal side of the molars
③Expression of anterior tooth space

Our completely originally developed device (patented: Patent No. 6736614) eliminates the above-mentioned disadvantages of the slow expanders while maintaining the same effect by using it with our aligners. It is also available for adults that were considered to be non-applicable.

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