Joint research with the University of Tokyo

Through joint research with the University of Tokyo Hospital, we will strive to strengthen our technological capabilities and improve customer satisfaction.

Established "Tissue Stem Cell / Life Dentistry Course", a social collaboration course with the University of Tokyo Oral and Pediatric Surgery as maternal course

We have established a social collaboration course called "Tissue Stem cell / Life Dentistry Course" with the University of Tokyo oral surgery and pediatric surgery as maternal course from April 2020. (Specially Appointed Professor Makoto Furumura). The purpose of this course is to create evidence and promote more efficient, rational orthodontics.

In this course, we analyze the dynamics of bone cells and the increase and decrease of substrate by extension stimulation in vitro. We also conduct research on gingival regeneration using medicine and cell therapy.

Through this research, we seek a new de facto standard sufficient technology for combination treatment using mouthpiece orthodontics and bracket wire.

【Course content】
●In vitro analysis of bone cell dynamics and substrate increase / decrease due to extension stimulation
●Development of medicine treatment and cell therapy for gingival regeneration

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